Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Quaker Voting Rights"

How shall I put this? If, at any time, anyone, black, white, green (shirted), blue, yellow or brown, or any shade in between, ever tries to intimidate, delay, dissuade or otherwise harass or prevent me from voting, I'm afraid I'll have to remind them of the words of the irate Quaker: "Friend. I would not harm thee for the world. However, thou art standing where I am about to shoot.". They will not "Take my gun from my cold, dead fingers", rather, "Others will take my bullets from their (and/or your) cold, dead bodies.". Any questions? (Note for "Progressives" with "Aggressive Gun Control Disorder" - this means you and any turncoat "Americans" you send to do that which you have no B(eggs)s to do yourself.)

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