Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Price Of (Defending) Freedom"

Have any of you seen this? (Link to: ) The price of freedom is never free. And yet, we, America, keep paying it. It's evidently a thankless task, as it seems no one ever says "Thank You, America". Not, anyway, anyone in charge of the government whose people we rescue from whatever tyranny has befallen them. Whether in/or/external murderous oppression, we go in and try and set things right. Our reward is to be disrespected in the United Nations, voted down at every opportunity and held up for ever more financial gifts masquerading as "Aid", and, adding insult to injury, what ever goods we send are relabeled with UN labels so the people who receive our largess are not even aware of the origin of the meager remnants of the UN pilfered aid we send.

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