Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"America" Love it, win it back, or lose it - forever

"This far, and no further" is no longer an option for conservatism. Not for the America I was born into back in '41. Yes there were inequities, but we had the capacity, as a people, to begin to right those wrongs and kick the living Hell out of the Fascists and Imperial Japan at the same time. Where we went wrong was in feeling so much relief after WW II was over that the heavy leaning to the left, boosted by Hollywood's "coming out of the closet" all out attack on traditional values, such as fighting for what you believe in, that was aided and abetted by the media, wasn't seen for what it was by far too many folks. When Korea happened, we had already lost the "Stones" to go ahead and win the damn thing. Viet Nam was a joke, as far as fighting a successful engagement went. Especially after good old Walter Cronkite declared it lost, and the rest of the media took up the cudgel of defeatism. Until, and unless, Americans return to the values of free enterprise, tempered with fair play, and a belief in American Exceptionalism along with constitutionalist principles, we are doomed to slide down that slippery slope of "Let George Do It" and "The world owes me a living (at someone else's expense)".

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