Saturday, May 9, 2009

Response to a Letter to the Editor re: Earth vs. Arbor day

My Dear Mr. Meadows, The unsubtle difference between Earph Daze and Arbor day is simple. Anyone can explain, and debate, the reasons pro and con for planting suitable species of trees, in the proper locations, to provide the maximum desired benefit. However, when the mighty "Moses" of the environmental movement, "Algore" (the prophet who stands to profit mightily by his Carbon Offsets scheme), refuses to debate any and all who dare to disagree with his "Foregone Conclusions" (masquerading as "Settled Science"); who, in fact, belittles in extremely derisive tones, any of the scientists who've reached differing conclusions based on their reading of the evidence (the "Facts", as Al Moses Gore puts it), he puts the lie to his true purpose. And his purpose is not good. He, Obama, and many others of the left, wish, for various and diverse reasons, to dismantle private property protections, suppress the individuals ability to control their holdings and, by extension, our entire capitalist system, based on the freedom of choice to do as you wish with what is yours. I find the term "Community Gardens" to be amusing at present. However, I foresee the concept of an ill defined patchwork of small community efforts being overtaken (once again for the greater good) by "The State" and turned into, by whatever name, "Collective Farms". Collective farms run by the State wherein "Some are more equal than others", indeed.

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