Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catty "C's"

The following was posted by me after reading an article written by a woman about Sara Palin's resignation in a positive, family manner. The comments posted, especially by women, were so vitriolic, I felt constrained to give a little "Backhanded" response, if, for no other reason, only to shock the vicious vixens' to rethink their responses to conservative women: I love the left's "Unkinder, Less gentler" demeanor ("de less dey have to offer, de meaner dey gets"). Catty c(vagina's)s attempts at keeping suppressed the message of any part of an American conservative culture's views, which, unlike their own, actually take pride in their down home, "plain speaking" (Harry S. Truman), if you will. What you blathering bimbette's do not understand is the fact that even this 68 year old Alpha Male who hunts, fishes and is a conservationist - not an environmentalist - and an America First, Last and Always voter, would trust someone who does not make a big deal out of who she is. You do. You make the big deal out of every last bit of she and her family's life. Then, if (trick word) you don't like what she stands for, she finds herself responding to innumerable false accusations made by all the jealous, frowzy frumps such as yourselves who can't stand anyone who doesn't fit their (allegedly) sophisticated (and, of course it's so superior) world view. Would conservatives want an Andy Jackson type for President again? Anyone? Hell yes!. (Now scurry, scurry. Off you go to Google, Lexus Nexus, Wikipedia or wherever one goes searching for any "dirt" on ol' Andy J. one can use to bolster one's specious argument's against Mrs. (not Ms., but Mrs.) Palin. Ta, ta! By the way, "Ladies" (or is it Laddies in drag?), never vote for anyone who uses "Trust", "Vote" and "Me" in the same sentence. Oh yes. Even I would've sat down and had a beer with the ol' "Elmer Gantry" of politics, Bill Clinton, but that doesn't mean I'd ever vote for him.

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