Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Mores the Pity"

Regarding the continuing scandals over outrageous expenses charged to their expense accounts in Parliament by the MP's, as they're known: If only the current pack o' Brits had what we cheeky, upstart colonists had the temerity and foresight to enshrine in our "God given rights" proclaimed when we threw off the yoke of their oppressive government; the second amendment. Then, they could credibly offer to pay for the "Final Expenses" for those arrogant "Spawn of Unwedded Bliss" in Parliament who act so "Upper Crust", if you will and refuse to either change their ways or leave office. Alas, their government has no fear whatsoever of their "Wards" ability to forcefully, if need be, "Throw the Bums Out". "Mores the Pity". Indeed.

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