Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"It's Coming"

I said it during the Clinton administration: "It's coming.". That was during the Janet Reno/Jamie Garelick "Actions" to "Save the Children" at Waco, Texas, (by killing them), and at Ruby Ridge, Colorado (by killing a mother with a babe in arms in order to capture someone who may (repeat, may) have violated the minimum rifle barrel length by 1/16th of an inch). To what "It" was I referring? The revolution by Americans to return our country back to it's constitutional [Cons(. )( .)utional - if the "Washington Times rude language monitor-savant" is still disallowing the proper spelling of English words, and their] roots. Now, much to my sad recognition, the "Bloodless Coup" has not yet been confronted by the "Non-Bloodless Counter Revolution". Am I happy over this apparent inevitability? Hell no! Am I resigned to it's inevitability? Sadly, reluctantly, disgustedly, I'm beginning to see no other way out of this decent into Fascism. Benito Mussolini would be proud of GE, PHILLIPS, GENERAL MOTORS, CHRYSLER, (or anything run and/or funded/controled by George Soros) et al, and their conjoining with big government to curtail competition from their competitors. God preserve us. He knows the current administration won't. I say that as a not overtly religious man. But I am "An American" who firmly believes in the founding principles of our country, first, last and always.

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