Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Politically, or Epidemiologically Correct?"

Post to: My Dear "Healthy Man, here": Are you "Healthy" enough to remember the "Karpis Sarcoma" outbreak during the mid-eighties in San Francisco? I am. Diane Feinstein was the mayor at the time. And, to appease her voting block, she refused to close the "Gay" Bath Houses for an entire year, in order to not offend the majority of her party's "Politically Correct" cohorts. While it may have been a "Politically Correct" decision, from her party's political perspective, it was disastrously disingenuous from an epidemiological standpoint. (If you doubt me, ask your now deceased "friends" who did not survive the post-initial onslaught of this insidious disease.)

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