Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"What Would Jesus Do?" Ask His Father.

I found the following question posted as a comment to an article in the Washington Times. I felt constrained to reply as follows: My Dear Roger47: "Would Jesus want everyone to get medical care, without regard for ability to pay? If so, He would support health care reform." True enough. His Father, however, saw fit to give His creations the free will to decide for themselves how much charity they wished to give to others and the ability to teach others how to take care of themselves. ("If you give a man a fish, etc ... ." Verses the "Water into wine ... ." scenario.) He also gave His creations the ability to choose how to use their abilities to either take care of themselves with pride, or to depend on the largess of their fellows with envy. He did not, however, give anyone the "Right" to demand (at the point of any weapon) a share of unearned largess produced by others.

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