Thursday, January 21, 2010

"I Am An American"

Words to live up to: "I am an American." A non-hyphenated product of legal immigrants who willingly uprooted from their homelands to start anew in a search of a better life for not just themselves, but, most especially, for their posterity. Did they decide to stay in or move to Europe? Hell no! They looked around and decided that America's promise of freedom to succeed or fail, based on your own efforts and abilities, offered a far greater opportunity for success for they and their families than the ingrained cast system of their homelands, wherein one is not supposed (nor, in many cases, allowed) to "Rise Above One's Station" ever encouraged or offered. We have, until recently resisted the "womb to the tomb" mentality that permeates so much of Europa over the last half century or so, let alone the rest of the world's numerous and various despotisms. They, our ancestors, also wished most fervently to escape the tyranny, soft or harsh, of their oppressive, anti-individualistic governments. If you're so inclined to remain where you are, supinely depending on manna from "Big Brother", that is your God given right. It is your right to choose giving up those unalienable rights He gave you. (It's called: "Free Will".) It is also your right to allow nameless, faceless others to choose for you what you may earn, where you may live, what products you may buy, how many and when and where you may do so. Where you may go to school, live and work. How and when you will get to and fro on your daily rounds, as well as; How much "Charity" you will fund with the sweat of your brow, and to whom it will be given in your government's name. I, however, am an American - and I choose otherwise.

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