Friday, January 15, 2010

"Post and (my) Response"

I am a fair skinned female person of German, French, Scotch, Irish and English ancestry. I was very disturbed this morning when I heard BHO saying we are "investing" in Haiti. With an investment you expect a return. There will be no return on this expenditure of borrowed money. Very shortly I expect to see droves of refugees that will be placed on Medicaid, Social Security and any other hand out available, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. As an "individual" I support donating to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other other charitable missionary groups that will help the Haitian people, regardless of the color of their skin. If there was a natural disaster in Germany, France, Scotland, Ireland or England, I would expect to help in the same way. We can not "invest" in all the natural disasters, but we can send short term aid.
Bonnie Parmenter

Madam. You realize, of course, that you've opened up yourself to (false) charges of "Racism" and "Bigotry", as you dared point out a politically incorrect truth. Of course all the hue and cry will be to both shut you up, and distract everyone from seeing the elephant in the room. To wit: The political advantage being taken of this crises "Never let a crises go to waste" - hmm. I totally agree with you regarding the benefits of private charity vs. government "largess". While either way, we, you and I get to pay, at least we still have the right to chose how and where our charitable dollars are spent. (And spent, I might add, much more wisely and frugally that the government's "Just throw money at it" approach.) I'm also pleased that you didn't identify yourself as, say, a "German-American", or whatever. Please let me relate a little story, with one minor quibble. Quibble first: " 'Scots' is what you are. 'Scotch' is what you drink", is what I was taught a very long time ago. Second: I was asked by a fellow (female) community action group member, "What" I was. When I responded "American", she went into apoplexy, admonishing me sternly that I couldn't make that claim, as that wasn't a "recognized" category or group. I responded that when I was stationed near Munich, West Germany, I was asked, in German, the same question. I then told her I responded thus: "Armenisher, Englander, Franklander, Hollander und Scotlander", to which my German questioner, bursting into a big smile said, "Ach! Amerikaner!".

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