Saturday, June 13, 2009

"If common sense were, there'd be more of it"

I consider this to be good news for our local newspapers. I sent the following to the "Major Sacramento Fish-wrap": Why do you let the illiteratus infest your "comments" by the public? If I wished to be insulted, I'd go to their family reunion. It's bad enough that you go along with the new A.P. style book of bastardized English (that which eliminates proper usage, spelling and grammar) for corporate greed. (Yes, you and old "Mr. Gecko" have a lot in common.) But, you also do not warn new "Subscribers" that they have to pay to e-view this tripe, with no option to say "No", before going to the register page. It seems consistent with the bright ideas conjured up by your "Pinheads in the pinstripe suits" that Tom Sullivan refers to in other corporate media. With the "Greying of America" by Boomers, who are your loyal readers, you cut even further your content, lower your standards and raise your prices. Remarkable what the "Johnnie come-lately's" in their 30's can accomplish by intimidating their superiors in their 40's, who have to come up with something to impress their bosses in their 50's. "See Ya!"

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