Thursday, June 4, 2009

"War Path? I'll show you stinking war path!"

I've found this nation practicing what I'm starting to call "Intolerant Inclusiveness" (commonly called "Diversity Speech Codes"). Quite plainly, I'm not a fan of "Hyphenated-Americans". However, I even occasionally refer to myself as "A member of the Providence Band of Fresno Indians". Why? Because I was born in Providence, RI., and, I'd never heard the term, uttered by some racist bigot, "Fresno Indian", until I was in basic training at 18 years of age. (Apparently, there's a large population of immigrants from Armenia living there in the Fresno area.) It's my sense of humor that sustains me, not my tender sensibilities about this, that or the other, real or imagined, slight. Example: I was always "The skinny kid with the big nose" when I was growing up. As I put it: "I prefer to remember myself as 'The slender youth with the proud proboscis' ". Danny Thomas(ian) used to have a joke that went: "All of you people with little noses. You go around panting all day long. Me? Once a day!" as he vigorously inhaled and pounded his chest smilingly. Hey. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

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