Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Shaggy Highways"

I found the following article in the Washington Times today, which said in part: America's highways are taking on a shaggier look for the peak travel season. Grasses, shrubs and wildflowers are exploding across median strips and road shoulders this summer as states cut back on mowing to save money.

Although there are some environmental benefits, the principal reason for the cuts are financial since states rely on fuel taxes to pay for highway maintenance, and fuel sales have been hurt by the recession and the shift toward thriftier vehicles.

"Anywhere there are safety issues - sight-distance issues, known animal crossings - we'll still mow those areas. But we're not going to do fenceline-to-fenceline mowing like we do today," said Jeffrey Caldwell, spokesman for the Virginia Department of Transportation, which just announced it would mow half as often to save $20 million. ... etc.

One of the reader responses just really set me off. Heres why - unedited: we should remember, that the interstate road syttem was put in place for National Defence. RR systems are more likely to be hampered by bombs. GOOD, we have never been invaded (by an Army, that is). Rural roadways are managed by town-ship moneys, That is who pays for and purchase snow plows...etc. ...Truckers claim a right to the highways because they pay the gasoline taxes! Lets get those BIG TRUCKS off our highways!

My response was as follows: I wonder how those "Green Weenies" get this inconsistent "good idea" around another of their idiot dictums, designed to limit 4-wheeling as much as possible. To wit: That being, in part, that one mustn't stray from the designated trails because (get this), the (Evil implied) 4-wheeler's exhaust system's heat will set off grass-brush-forest-you-name-it fires. (And no, I'm not for trashing the environment either. Fool!) So, if for some reason - say you blow a tire - you have to suddenly swerve off the pavement onto said brushy/grassy/shrubbyand/or tree-filled median or shoulder - you may just ignite your own funeral pyre. Great going, inviro-nuts!

As to the complaint about Evil Big Rigs: I agree. Get the Hell off my roadways! I paid for their construction. I pay for their maintenance. Many times over, in fact. In fact I do both of those things, as I'm a "Dirt Hauler". If you would like to make the same claims, just pay all the same taxes each and every big rig owner does. Until you do - shut the Hell up! Unless, of course you want to take your puny Prius down to your nearest freight dock at either you closest international airport or container ship facility. Oh, yes. Those containers are designed to be transported by? And, after you pay through the nose in fuel/time wasted and inconvienience, then you have a right to complain. "Bubba".

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