Monday, November 23, 2009

Carly Vs. Chuck - RINO's Vs. Rhino's

In a discussion in The Personal Liberty Digest over the qualifications of Carly Fiorina verses Chuck DeVore as a conservative candidate to replace (defeat) Barbara Boxer as a U.S. senator from California, there seems to be a pattern here. There are some, it seems, who are of the bent that "Only the 'Purest of the Pure' are qualified enough". Given that mind-set, I wonder if Ron Paul or even John Birch would be "Pure" enough for them. As to the "Throw [all] the bums out!" crowd, others, with cooler heads, have pointed out that there are some politicians (such as Tom McClintock, Peter Hoekstra and others) who've already proved their bona fides as to their conservative credentials and ask, why on Gods green earth would we want to "Throw out the baby with the bath water"? In all of this I sadly discern the hand of Public (Un)Education (in spelling and grammar), and a willingness to follow the media's headlong descent into abbreviated "New Speak", i.e.: Plural sentence structure in the singular and/or vise versa. All in the name of "Increased space for 'Content' " (i.e.: more room for advertising, actually). By the way, "RINO's" lack what I call the "H" factor, they have very thin skins, unlike Rhino's, who can take an extraordinary amount of punishment and still keep charging ahead.

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