Friday, November 20, 2009

"You'll get all the healthcare you need."

Those were the words uttered by "NerObama" a few months ago in response to a question about "His" Healthcare Plan that I saw on a television (broadcast, not cable). That was enough for me. He was signaling that "His" government bureaucrats would be deciding how much care you "needed", not you and your physicians. I'm sick and tired of hearing "Your habits are costing me money", type of arguments vis a vis insurance rates. If you could shop for your insurance and chose a provider that does not cover smokers, non vegetarians, et cetera, then you could better control your costs. What the ["bleep"] is so hard to figure out about that? Nothing. Trust me, if I, an old former guitarist of 20 years (and now a trucker for 23) can, even the "Pinheads in the pinstripe suits" in DC can. They are just too addicted to the gravy train of campaign donations (and/or outright bribes) the current system provides for them. After all, their health benefits aren't affected, just their ability to get reelected and stay on the train. Hopefully, someday we, the people will be actually able to derail that gravy train. Until then, "Just Say No" to this blatant grab for the ultimate power over our lives - our very health and well-being.

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