Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gangs, Guns and the Police

An article, about DC police arresting an MS XII gang member for killing a nine year old, was published in the Washington Times today, prompted me to reply thusly: Now, I don't know if the apartment building in question is privately or publicly owned, nor should it make much difference, as I'm willing to bet that that there are quite a few tenants there (and in the neighborhood) who are on one form or another of subsidized rent. That, unfortunately leads to a attitude of disrespect and an outward lack of care as exemplified by the mere act of not closing the doors or gates where one lives, ("Hey! I didn't leave it open! So why should I be expected to close it?") et cetera. I've seen this attitude displayed over and over again. If the residents of DC were "allowed" by their "Electeds" (something unconstitutional for them to deny, by the way) to freely exercise their 2nd amendment rights, then the criminals wouldn't be nearly so freely plying their trade. All that said, gangs such MS XIII, are just one of the problems we're importing with our current lack of enforcement of our far too porous borders. One third of all federal prisoners are illegal aliens. Why? When will the will of the people be enforced - not the will of the politicians trolling for loyal voters, or campaign funds (or outright bribes) from the corporations who employ them? Don't blame "Heller", or "Easy Access to (evil implied) Guns", as those are just the excuses that politicians and bleeding hearts use to hid the truth. That being that, for one reason or the other, they want you totally dependent on them; and, if you won't submit willingly, they'll legislate you into submission. Then the criminals will enjoy an even greater "Free Fire Zone", since, as the police readily admitted, their efforts are reactive, not proactive. Who saves your life in the very first seconds of a violent assault? Not those you have to wait for to show up after you finally connect with 911.

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