Thursday, April 16, 2009


Born in Rhode Island (same day, same year as Bob Dylan). Moved to California during WW II, then back to R.I. twice more with my folks when I joined the US Army in California and served from '59-'62. I became, on my own, the 8th Transportation Battalion (Lt. Helicopters) Public Information Office Photographer for 18 months, just outside (by 5 miles) of Munich, Germany. I played music for a living for 20 years, starting in '65 in LA and Orange County then San Francisco and the Bay Area in '69. I've played with people you've heard of, as well as many more you have not. I walked away after 20 years because, as I've said many times: "I got fed up with people falling over with needles in their arms, and me depending on them for work". (More to follow, as time permits.) Oh, yes. My company, J.B. Enterprises, owns (. )( .)'s Up! Productions©

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