Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letter to the Professor

My Dear Professor Obama (and "His" Teaching Assistants),

 You all may chafe at the bit, so to speak, at the constraints the "Contract Of America", a.k.a. The Constitution of the United States" places on your fondest wishes: Establishing a grand kšathra-pāvan here, in place of a representative republic. By denying the very fact that our rights are given to us "by our Creator" and not subject to man denied wishes, edicts or special orders, you prove your intentions. It, our constitution, is by design, "Restrictive", and not "Proscriptive" for the very reason I'm addressing you now. It is not the fault of American gun owners that the failing oligarchs of Mexico can not control (in the sense of eliminate - not help them profit by) their increasingly violent drug lords. It is also not the fault of America's border patrol agents that their counterpart Mexican border agents are not doing the job they're supposed to be doing. Are they "on the take"? Most likely, in the land of mordida, far too many are. (That is not the type of cultural diversity we wish to "import" here, by the way.)

 It bodes ill for the American people, if the definition of "Law Abiding" can be further restricted by the hand of anyone who does not trust the very people whose very unalienable rights are in their hands.  That is not leadership by good example. rather it is the leadership of the tyrant; Whether or not by accident or design. That was something our founders (those dead Caucasian guys) were very aware of and addressed in great detail in their correspondences with one another. That, I believe, is what some, in power, are so very afraid of, a rebellion of "the great unwashed". That would be a very dim possibility indeed, if one only follows the constitutional precepts as set down by our founders.

With All Due Respect,

Mr. Myron J. Poltroonian

Life Member of the NRA

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