Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Varmint Eradication Policy

 "Warning! The varmints in these parts are not tame. Visitors are advised to stay on the road, as their remains will not be forwarded to next of kin." Thus reads the sign at the entrance to the woods in the Robert Heinlein novel "Glory Road". Why do I bring this up? What in Sam Hill does this have to do with torture? Simple really: If you're going to play the "game", i.e.: defend yourself, your family, friends and country, against terrorists, especially ones who have no fear of death and are willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve their goal to create a worldwide Caliphate, then you had better learn their rules. RULE #1: THERE ARE NO RULES! RULE #2: Platitudes for being "better than that" on a gravestone are no substitute for victory. RULE #3: Win or die. (Unless, of course, you are of the "Submit to live like a slave" school of survive at any cost crowd. Sort of like the "Better Red Than Dead" crowd updated.) The bottom line, as far as I'm concerned is this; If you want to know what life for non Muslims under a Caliphate would be like, ask an Armenian.

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