Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upon "Civility", and the lack thereof.

 I'm saddened by the lack of civility engendered in society by the last 40 years of Public Indocucation and the advent of this medium - the internet. Now, I've "been accused of being ‘direct' before", as a dear friend once pointed out, but the vitriol that I find here on the internet seems to be brought about by untempered anonymity that breeds the inanity of the inane. I see some who find their compassion, as well as their vaunted tolerance, stretched beyond all limits; So, they have none - Compassion, Tolerance, nor Limits. I'm fully aware of the cries from the '60's: "Let me do my own thing!"; "Free Speech!"; Et al, ad nauseam, et cetera ...  . A great cry is heard throughout the land: "FOX (because they actually promote up coming programing) Bad!", "PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NB/AB/C"BS" Good!". (Because they don't?) Oh, I get it! What people are exposed to in the media is only bad when it encourages people to watch what the tolerant don't wish them to see - especially if they actually go ahead and watch in greater numbers that the "approved" outlets enjoy. However, whatever people see in the media has no effect when it comes to  things cultural conservatives wish not to  be shown. Why that's silly - children aren't influenced by what they see on TV, the internet, nor in the movies - why, why, that's censorship!. At least an ostrich has enough sense to stick it's head in the sand, and not some other dark, smelly place.

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