Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Whencefore art thou Myron?

  I took your advice and "fooled around" with Text Edit on my first ever entry into my Blog (my Nom d'Blog is Myron J. Poltroonian, which is through blogspot.)  That was the name I used on the 1980 census I filled out in San Francisco - the one the poor college student asked for on a Saturday morning  around 10:00 am, after I'd been out at a gig  the night before and hadn't gotten home until about 2:30/3:00 in the  morning.  Let's just say the sight of this long-haired, bearded, grumpy and bedecked in only my old burgundy bathrobe musician was unsettling to the poor fellow to say the least, since my response to his inquiry was a somewhat gruff "Yah!", whereupon he he smiled weakly, apologized profusely, and beat a hasty retreat away from my door, never to be seen again.  The preceding, chronologically, in Apple Script, is entitled "For Mairi":

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